The Elder John L. Mitchell LCP, Scholarship Fund


Elder John L. Mitchell, LCP Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Elder John L. Mitchell Sr, LCP, a published author, Master Drummer, and life-time educator. The Mitchell Fund is a Scholarship Program targeted for American under-graduate students and/or new freshmen, studying coursework in an African or African-Diaspora related course of study at an accredited college or university.

Applicant must describe the significance of the West African contribution to Western Civilization and/or World History; and the potential impact of African related study on their personal academic and life experience.


Applicants must be either a graduating high school senior, entering an accredited college or university. or currently enrolled college freshmen. All applicants must submit the following:

1. Completed application form (if handwritten, please print legibly).   

2. Two (2) character references, in the form of a letter of recommendation.

3. A copy of the most recent transcript, with cumulative grade point average.

4. Transcripts must reflect African and/or African-Diaspora related study at an accredited high school, junior college or university.

5. Completed Essay.

6. Award Winner must complete a telephone interview with the selection committee via phone, within 7 business days of award notification.

7. Award winner must provide 2-forms of Identification with at least one photo from the following list 

    · Birth certificate,

    · Military ID,

    · State ID,

    · Driver’s license,

    · Current passport,

    · School Photo

8.   Scholarship funds will be issued directly to the recipient’s campus and may not be used to pay back college loans of any kind. 

Application period is currently closed. The next scholarship season will be announced May 2021.