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Ampim, Manu, A History of African Civilizations*

Bathlily, Youba, West Africa before the Empire of Ghana, An Early African Oral History*


Bathlily, Youba, West Africa, the Empire of Ghana* 

Chinua, Achebe, Things Fall Apart*

Cohen, Robert, Discovering the Empire of Ghana* 

Ivan, Sertima Van, They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America (Journal of African Civilizations)*  

Lane-Poole, The Story of the Moors in Spain*

Ksadwo, Osei, An Outline of Asante History, Parts 1 and II*



Oliver, James P., Mansa Musa and the Empire of Mali, A True Story of Gold and Greatness of Africa*

UNESCO History Office, 7th and 11th Century General History of Africa, Vols 1-8* 

Walker, Robin, If you want to learn Early African History START HERE

Walker, Robin, When We Ruled*

Walker, Robin, Blacks and Science Volume One: Ancient Egyptian Contributions to Science and Technology AND The Mysterious Sciences of the Great Pyramid* 

Williams, Chanellor, The Destruction of Black Civilization, Great Issues of a race from 4500 BC to 2000 AD* 

The Arts

Doho, Gilbert, People Theater and Grassroots Empowerment in Cameroon (Director)* 

Mitchell, Elder John, Discovering African Drum Rhythms (Director)*

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Mali Empire
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Central African Kingdoms
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Art in Ancient Africa
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Traditional African Religions
Slavery in Ancient Africa 

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Roots to Glory Tours

Dedicated to returning the brothers and sisters in the Diaspora back to the African continent. Focused on the preservation of African history, culture, heritage and customs.

Kumasi Tour Guide

Odeba Tours

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The Slave Swelling Project

Raises awareness and organize resources to preserve, interpret, maintain and sustain extant slave dwellings and other structures significant to the stories of the enslaved Ancestors. 

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